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The primary reason that God and the Angels of Abundance are so willing to help us manifest abundance, something that is by definition a mortal desire, is that they know that we cannot achieve our life purpose if we are worrying about what to eat. Everyone’s life purpose is just as important as everyone else’s. There is no situation in which you deserve more or less comfort and security than someone else simply because you have chosen a more private or humble life path.

Knowing that we are all on a level playing field, how can we look at someone that has more than us and possibly assume that they have something we cannot have? That is a fallacy based on fear that we should never let take root within ourselves. We must simply ask for the help that we need, rather than wait for it to find us. Taking proactive steps towards our own betterment is the only real path to success.

Several people have told me over the years that they do ask and ask more or less continuously but nothing seems to happen. That is a great first step, but if it is not followed up by listening then of course success is not a likely outcome. Just as if you would never want to be so rude as to have only one sided conversations with other people, so too must you take time to listen to what God and the Angels are saying to you.

Depending on who you are, and what manner of natural strengths you have, the answers that you will be given can vary wildly. However everyone will receive a sign. It is up to you to pay attention to those signs and then act upon them.

The Angels of Abundance, like all angels, are here to help bring you divine guidance and protection. The only thing they ask is that you participate in the process.

More information can be found in my book Angels of Abundance, available on Kindle and in paperback at finer bookstores worldwide.

Many Blessings,

Grant Virtue


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