Grant Virtue is the Senior IT Project Manager at AT, Inc

Duties include:

  • Project management and system implementation
  • Manage all applications development and support
  • Oversee daily operations of computer hardware and software systems
  • Lead and manage backup, security, and help desk teams
  • Ensure technology meets current organizational goals and envisions and plans for future organizations needs
  • Develop computer information resources, providing for data security and control, strategic computing, and disaster recovery
  • Consult with users, management, vendors and technicians to assess software needs, and hardware requirements
  • Stay abreast of advances in technology
  • Meet with department heads, managers, supervisors, vendors, and others, to solicit cooperation and resolve problems quickly
  • Provide end users with technical support for computer problems and network related issues
  • Train users on system improvements, upgrades or new software
  • Responsive to system issues and accountable to project timelines
  • Evaluate data processing proposals to assess project feasibility and requirements
  • Special projects including but not limited to new office set-up and new asset development
  • Perform special projects as needed or assigned by ownership
  • Lead, attend, and participate in various department meetings as necessary
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Newsletter development and maintenance
  • Public speaking and staff training
  • Technical and commercial writing, including blogs
  • Video editing
  • Event management