To manifest abundance means that we have worked with God and the Angels to bring into our life everything that we need. This does not mean, necessarily, that we will receive everything that we want. Sometimes we want something that would not serve us, even though we cannot see that at the moment. We can, however, always be provided with everything that we need.

This abundance can come in many different forms. It can come as an abundance of love, support, nourishment, health, companionship, space, or even currency if that is what is needed at that moment.

God and the Angels want all of humanity to be free from lack and desire. Each of us has been sent to this Earth to fulfill a very special mission of peace. Lack, in any of its myriad of forms, can hinder that goal and can even prevent someone from even trying to achieve their life purpose.

However each of us has also been blessed by free will. We have the right to go about our life in any manner we wish, so long as we do not cause harm to others through action or inaction. God and the Angels do not want to violate our rights to learn lessons on our own. As such the very first step towards manifesting abundance should always be to ask for help.

When we ask for help from God and the Angels of Abundance, we are inviting them to help complete those areas of our life that are in need. They are happy to provide this service as they know that you too will provide service to all of creation through your gifts. The less you are distracted by basic necessities the more you are free to improve the world.

There are many methods of asking for help, and all of them are effective. What is important is for you to feel comfortable with the method that you use. If you are not comfortable asking for help in a particular way, find another way that works better for you. When you are most at ease you are more likely to ask for help, and more often.

Every situation and experience we have is unique. As we are constantly having new experiences, we must also continuously ask God and the Angels for the help we desire. They are all too conscious of our right of self determination, and as such we must be equal partners with them by inviting them to help in all aspects of our life.

Asking for help is the most direct and foolproof method of bringing abundance into your life. It is also the step that I have found most people tend to forget. The very first thing that I ask people when they tell me that they are encountering some situation that they need to change is “Have you asked your Angels for help?” You would be surprised at how many times the answer is “No” or, “I forgot.” The next time you find yourself in a situation that you like to be improved, ask yourself that same question and then ask for help!