Life can lead us down some unusual roads. When we are young some, or maybe even most, of us have an idea of what we want to be or do. This often changes as we grow, and that is perfectly normal and usually not very alarming. Where things can get tricky is when we are so far down a path that it seems we are almost at the end but suddenly realize we’ve been going the wrong direction.

If this theoretical path was you simply driving to the grocery store or your friends house you would of course turn around as soon as you noticed the error. In life we are much less likely to take the logical route. Instead we are presented with a choice. Do we keep going down this path, knowing full well that we are making a mistake?

It certainly can seem like the easier choice at times. After all we’ve gone this far, we’ve spent this amount of time and it would be a shame to put all that to waste. Nobody wants to be a quitter. And what about everyone around you, haven’t you told them over and over about how you are pursing this path? What would the neighbors think?

Likely there is a part of you that rejects that line of thinking as silly, even if you have made the same mistake.ย  Certainly you may have put a lot of time, and maybe even money, going down that path but it is the wrong one. You feel it in your gut. Maybe that path has started to make you so unhappy that you feel trapped in it. Perhaps you’ve already identified the correct path but you are scared to turn back and let yourself be happy doing what you want to do. Maybe it feels like the less responsible choice and everyone is telling you that down that path lies ruination.

The good news is that there is no such thing as wasted time, or even wasted money. By going down the wrong path you have learned some very valuable lessons about yourself and about life. You will be able to use these experiences and lessons in whatever you choose to do going forward. The most important thing is to recognize that you were doing something that made you unhappy and choosing to stop now. Not later, not even if you are ‘so close to finishing!’ If something is not right for you time is very unlikely to improve matters. Making more mistakes will not make the first mistake easier to cope with.

You have a responsibility to yourself, your loved ones, even to God, to follow your bliss. What you find enjoyment and true satisfaction in is a clear sign of your life purpose. You are not helping anyone by ignoring your life purpose. Trust that you will be guided on how to reverse your path. You will be abundantly provided for. When we start down the path to our true calling doors open that we cannot even begin to see now. By taking what you believe is the responsible route and not turning back you are also turning your back on tremendous opportunities and a lifetime of fulfillment.

Be brave, reverse the course. The world will still be here when you do.