This time of year invariably brings increasing awareness to the plight of Dolphins and Whales in Japanese and International waters. By now most of you will be familiar with the recurring hunts that take place and the dramatic and heroic steps that are taken to attempt to stop this barbaric practice.
However, I have noticed one very disturbing trend that has been rearing its ugly little head lately. More and more some people are claiming that the disasters Japan has recently been subjected to is in some way a karmic response to the annual dolphin hunt. This is a dangerous line of thinking. I would like to take this opportunity to correct a few misconceptions about this mistaken belief before it is perpetuated further.

The first major issue I have with this thought is that nations, as we know them to be, are nothing more than artificial human constructs. Those lines all over the map separating “Your Land” from “My Land” exist only within the boundaries of said map.  To God, source, the divine, and the laws of Karma, we are only people. There is no Japan any more than there is a United States or a people known as Africans. There is only life.

Claiming that one landmass is going to receive a disaster because of the actions of its people is ludicrous, whether it is being spouted by a New Age guru in regards to Japan on Facebook or Pat Robinson on the 700 Club claiming Haiti’s earthquake was as a result of God’s anger. Could the reason some people are effected by disaster have more to do with the fact that humans like to settle on all available land plots? Whether the land is on a fault line, the base of a volcano, in a flood plain or the great meteorological bowling lane called Tornado Alley, people put their houses in the path of destructive forces that have been moving for eons.

That is called bad planning, not bad karma.

The second major objection I have with this theory is that killing is killing and no nation has clean hands. Karmicly speaking, why is the death of a dolphin worse than that of a chicken, a pig, a cow, or a person? Because we like them more? That really isn’t very fair. All life is sacred and should be cherished. For that matter why should we value a life that has been blessed with locomotion over that of a plant? Life could no more sustain itself on this planet without the miraculous power of plants than it could by animals.

The truth of the matter is that all life must sustain itself by the destruction of other life. I wish it were not so, but it is. The only thing we can do is try to minimize our destruction, honour the life that we take and make our lives have real meaning to protect the sacrifice that creature or plant has made to enable us to continue on.

Certainly I wish that the dolphins would continue to be safe, just the same as I wish every cow that is corralled behind an electric fence could live a free life.

I believe that God summed it up best when, in the simplest and unmistakable language possible (not to mention terrific style) he/she/it stated “Thou shalt not kill!”

Call me crazy, blind, or just a fool but I couldn’t find the asterisk in that statement that said that it only applies to humans and dolphins.

Finally, I believe that statements to effect that someone was punished by a divine power as dangerous. This leads us to believe that other people are separate from us. The statement as it stands even implies that those people are lesser than the speaker. This is a fallacy that has done humanity and the world no end of injustice in our brief time on this Earth.

We are all one people, and to paraphrase Bart Simpson, the little stupid differences between us are not match for the big stupid similarities.

So by all means, keep up the protest. It is a tragedy what is happening to the Dolphins. If you can do anything to help, I encourage you to try. However please try to keep your humanity while doing so.