In our daily lives we are given an abundance of things and ‘them’s’ to be afraid of. Stories are spun and passed around about the dangers of radiation, the end of the mayan calendar, inorganic food, economic turmoil and government conspiracies. This fear is sold to us for various reasons and while some of it can lead to good, much of it is simply of no use to us whatsoever.

Everyone  has natural ebbs and flows in their life, as does all of nature. Some days will be better than others, no matter who the person is or how they live their lives. On the days when things aren’t the greatest, that is when we are most susceptible to outside influences and fear-mongering. In some circumstances this can lead to a person losing all courage to take the daring risks necessary to fulfill their life purpose.

Usually this lack of momentum involves staying at an unfulfilling and ultimately meaningless job simply because it pays, or it can manifest itself in self-abuse of some sort. Whether that is drinking to excess, smoking, drugs, or physical negligence it all amounts to the same self sabotage.

Where then can these people find the courage to move forward with their life purpose, to help themselves escape the cycles of fear and begin to help other people like themselves? There are of course many answers to that question, and for everyone it may be a little different, but I believe that all answers ultimately lead towards the same goal: faith.

Faith has been shown to have a remarkable power to heal, comfort, and bring peace to troubled minds. Studies have shown that it does not so much matter who or what you have faith in, just so long as that faith is genuine. Forced spiritual practice, or just giving “lip-service” to a higher power serves no use. While most people do have personal preferences and would like to see more people agree with those preferences, everyone is free and encouraged to find what faith is true for them.

Faith gives us courage because it proves to us that we are not alone. We have someone or something stronger, wiser, and more powerful than ourselves watching out for us and giving us loving guidance. The issues of the world are no longer overwhelming. Whatever potential issues may come up from a long extinct civilization’s calendar are being well looked after by our divine source. The confidence that everything is being taken care of can give us the courage to proceed fearlessly and achieve everything that we came here to do.

My upcoming book “Courage Through Faith” discusses all of this and more. Coming soon from Virtue Press.