ImageDaily Rumi, a free Android app I made back in 2010, is now back in production after a very long hiatus. If you have had the app in the past you will find a new version in the Google Play store. Most of the work at this point has been in reconstructing the app from scratch as I lost my backups. I am working on new features for the app starting today.

The first update that I have pushed out for the app is the ability to copy the quotes from within the app so that you can e-mail them to friends. This was by far the most requested feature for this very simple app.

I have also submitted the app to the Blackberry Playbook App World as well as the Amazon App Market. With luck those should be live soon.

The app itself is very simple, but it can provide a nice inspiring boost without taking up much resources on your phone or tablet. It is, by design, not a fancy app nor is it loaded down with advertisements or expensive fees. It is my hope that everyone finds at least one of Rumi’s wonderful quotes helpful in their life and can gain something from it.

New quotes will be coming soon, with the ultimate goal of 365 total quotes. Nearly there!