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beautiful-16736The topic of peace is perennially important. It has been the dearest wish of social activists, great thinkers, spiritual leaders, and the general citizenry since the dawn of civilization. While there are certainly people who do not wish for peace, they are thankfully in the minority. Those warlike and raucous people who stir up trouble are globally and decisively dealt with, and peace is allowed to reign supreme once again.

If the cause of peace has such a magnificent and universal appeal, why then does it seem so hard to come by? Why do we still have crime, poverty, war, and all the terrible fall-out that these conditions bring? What can we as believers in peace do to improve the situation?

First, we have to remove the illusion of separation between ourselves. We as people are experts at classifying, listing, and registering ourselves and others into easily digestible categories. Race, religion, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, nationality, ad infinitum. Even within these artificial barriers, we seem to have a compulsive need to divide even further. We may think, “Yes, they are Christian. But, are they the right kind of Christian?”

These separations do not serve us. They do not serve God. If they serve anything or anyone, then it is a force for evil. We each, individually, have to make a conscious choice to stop seeing people as being different from ourselves. Race is an illusion. We are all the same species. Culture is relative, none is better than another. Sexual orientation is none of our business. Nationality is an artificial construct. We did not choose the borders, or where we were born. It is a small planet, dividing it further is just silly.

Next, we have to completely forget the idea that our way is the only way. That intractable attitude turns believer against believer, family against family, nation against nation. We all have something to learn from others. Provided that their personal religion, belief system, or philosophy, is based on love and helps you grow closer to God, see what you can learn from them.

While the broader geopolitical issues of government and territory are largely beyond us as citizens, we can do our part locally. We can remember to think instead of reacting. We can accept others that are different from ourselves. We can elect responsible politicians who strive to improve society, instead of inciting it to violence for their own purposes. It is our responsibility to teach our children to love, not divide.

In times of trouble, we must become closer to one another, and become closer to God. Together we can reclaim our title as the peace loving majority. God has his Angels of Peace surrounding us as we speak, inspiring us to change our ways and embrace the path of love. One moment at a time.

Free Will and God’s Plan

sun-19814_960_720Free will is the cornerstone of human life. Without the ability to choose, and the responsibility to face the consequences of our choices, we would not actually be human. We would be controlled and directed. We would essentially be robots following a program. Under that scenario the entire legal and governmental system we have in place may as well be tossed because a person without free will has no responsibility for their actions.

While we do have free will (2 Corinthians 5:10 being just one of many Biblical examples), we are also subject to God’s Plan. Without God’s Plan life would be just as meaningless as one without free will. In absence of a divine plan we would all just be knocking about making random choices, with no purpose or destination to our lives. The larger framework of the entire universe would be a system of random events.

God’s Plan is largely impossible for us to fathom. Just as we would not be able to explain the workings of a steam engine to a skunk with very much success, we are just too far down the totem pole to comprehend such a massive perspective. Proverbs 16:4 says it far more accurately and succinctly than I ever could. How, then, is it possible for us to live in a world where we have both a grand unknowable plan and free will?

When I think of how free will interacts and intersects with God’s Plan for us, I think of a Water Boatsman (a fascinating water insect) that is adrift at sea. This insect has a remarkable amount of choices it can make in this scenario. Some of those choices lead to increased survival, some diminish his chances considerably. It can swim, sink, float, eat, or any other impulse or plan that it can conceive of. While it is making those choices, it has no concept of the tidal influence of the moon. The circular ocean currents that may sweep it this way and that are beyond any choice this courageous water boatman may make.

So we do have choice. We make them every minute of every day. You are making a choice to read, or not read, this post right now. You get to be in charge of the fine details of your life and that is an immense amount of power. Any job you would like to do, any friends you would like to enjoy, any charity you would like to support is open to you. You are a free person. Yet, you cannot make the world stop spinning. The oceans will still ebb and flow.

Change those things in your life that you are able to change. Accept those things in your life that you do not have a say in. When we learn to trust God’s plan, we learn to enjoy this wonderful world without having to control every aspect.


Manifesting Abundance with the Angels

To manifest abundance means that we have worked with God and the Angels to bring into our life everything that we need. This does not mean, necessarily, that we will receive everything that we want. Sometimes we want something that would not serve us, even though we cannot see that at the moment. We can, however, always be provided with everything that we need.

This abundance can come in many different forms. It can come as an abundance of love, support, nourishment, health, companionship, space, or even currency if that is what is needed at that moment.

God and the Angels want all of humanity to be free from lack and desire. Each of us has been sent to this Earth to fulfill a very special mission of peace. Lack, in any of its myriad of forms, can hinder that goal and can even prevent someone from even trying to achieve their life purpose.

However each of us has also been blessed by free will. We have the right to go about our life in any manner we wish, so long as we do not cause harm to others through action or inaction. God and the Angels do not want to violate our rights to learn lessons on our own. As such the very first step towards manifesting abundance should always be to ask for help.

When we ask for help from God and the Angels of Abundance, we are inviting them to help complete those areas of our life that are in need. They are happy to provide this service as they know that you too will provide service to all of creation through your gifts. The less you are distracted by basic necessities the more you are free to improve the world.

There are many methods of asking for help, and all of them are effective. What is important is for you to feel comfortable with the method that you use. If you are not comfortable asking for help in a particular way, find another way that works better for you. When you are most at ease you are more likely to ask for help, and more often.

Every situation and experience we have is unique. As we are constantly having new experiences, we must also continuously ask God and the Angels for the help we desire. They are all too conscious of our right of self determination, and as such we must be equal partners with them by inviting them to help in all aspects of our life.

Asking for help is the most direct and foolproof method of bringing abundance into your life. It is also the step that I have found most people tend to forget. The very first thing that I ask people when they tell me that they are encountering some situation that they need to change is “Have you asked your Angels for help?” You would be surprised at how many times the answer is “No” or, “I forgot.” The next time you find yourself in a situation that you like to be improved, ask yourself that same question and then ask for help!



The Value of Positivity

Imagine that you have two friends that like to call you once a week to catch you up on their lives. One friend calls you up and cannot wait to tell you all about the junky things that happened each week. All of the heartbreak, the losses, the minor inconveniences. Now the other friend calls you and tells you all of the wonderful things she’s been up to. The adventures, the chance meetings, and all of the wonderful synchronistic events that seem to happen to those who are open to new experiences. How do you feel after speaking to each friend? Which one brought you predominately ‘up’ and which one ‘down?’

Our modern society has a preoccupation with negativity. Paying attention to negative and harmful things in our environment is a primitive survival instinct. It allowed our distant ancestors to avoid outside elements that would prevent them from living a long and reproductive life. When they remembered and told other people about a dangerous bear’s hunting ground, or a patch of plants that gave them sores over their legs this was good information to pass on even though it was negative. These were events that by and large we were not equipped to change. For the primitive man the risk in clearing that brush or hunting down the dangerous bear was not worth it. We used this negative ‘news’ simply as a tool to know what we needed to avoid.

I believe we can all agree now that much of the information that is being passed back and forth on news sites, forums, and Facebook pages is less than critical to our survival. Negative information has become a multi-billion dollar per year industry. We tell ourselves that we are simply becoming more informed, that if we know more about the situation we can do something about it. I applaud the thought, however the truth does not seem to have panned out that way. People are paying more attention now than ever to tragedy on an international scale, and that has not prevented more from happening. What appears to happen is that when people hear about negative events from the far flung reaches of the planet, it reinforces the illusion that we are powerless to help.

Perhaps the solution to alleviating suffering in the world isn’t to give our energy to those negative events. Instead would it not be better to cultivate positivity by doing good? Instead of hand wringing about the dangers of climate change, do something positive about it. Plant a tree, cultivate a garden, change your driving habits and start eating a more local plant based diet. Volunteer in your community, read the uplifting and inspiring news stories at One of the important lessons I learned when writing ‘Angel Words’ was that negative words held very little energy in comparison to positive words. They were, in a word, useless. The real power to change the world comes from positive words that are full of energy and uplift everyone and everything they encounter.

When we start acting positively instead of worrying and reacting to negativity we empower ourselves. We show ourselves and the rest of the world that yes we can do something about it, yes we are doing something about it and you can too. We no longer need to hear about events we need to avoid because we are no longer helpless primitives. Collectively we can change any situation now for the better, with the only barrier being if we believe we can. Focus on all of the great positives in this life and strive to create more. Believe that you can.

Reversing Course

Life can lead us down some unusual roads. When we are young some, or maybe even most, of us have an idea of what we want to be or do. This often changes as we grow, and that is perfectly normal and usually not very alarming. Where things can get tricky is when we are so far down a path that it seems we are almost at the end but suddenly realize we’ve been going the wrong direction.

If this theoretical path was you simply driving to the grocery store or your friends house you would of course turn around as soon as you noticed the error. In life we are much less likely to take the logical route. Instead we are presented with a choice. Do we keep going down this path, knowing full well that we are making a mistake?

It certainly can seem like the easier choice at times. After all we’ve gone this far, we’ve spent this amount of time and it would be a shame to put all that to waste. Nobody wants to be a quitter. And what about everyone around you, haven’t you told them over and over about how you are pursing this path? What would the neighbors think?

Likely there is a part of you that rejects that line of thinking as silly, even if you have made the same mistake.  Certainly you may have put a lot of time, and maybe even money, going down that path but it is the wrong one. You feel it in your gut. Maybe that path has started to make you so unhappy that you feel trapped in it. Perhaps you’ve already identified the correct path but you are scared to turn back and let yourself be happy doing what you want to do. Maybe it feels like the less responsible choice and everyone is telling you that down that path lies ruination.

The good news is that there is no such thing as wasted time, or even wasted money. By going down the wrong path you have learned some very valuable lessons about yourself and about life. You will be able to use these experiences and lessons in whatever you choose to do going forward. The most important thing is to recognize that you were doing something that made you unhappy and choosing to stop now. Not later, not even if you are ‘so close to finishing!’ If something is not right for you time is very unlikely to improve matters. Making more mistakes will not make the first mistake easier to cope with.

You have a responsibility to yourself, your loved ones, even to God, to follow your bliss. What you find enjoyment and true satisfaction in is a clear sign of your life purpose. You are not helping anyone by ignoring your life purpose. Trust that you will be guided on how to reverse your path. You will be abundantly provided for. When we start down the path to our true calling doors open that we cannot even begin to see now. By taking what you believe is the responsible route and not turning back you are also turning your back on tremendous opportunities and a lifetime of fulfillment.

Be brave, reverse the course. The world will still be here when you do.

The Power of Now

I am a natural procrastinator. An extreme procrastinator may be more accurate. I’m the type that used to be furiously working away on my homework while the teacher was taking attendance. The type that viewed book deadlines as a type of extreme adrenaline sport.

This is something that I know about myself. It is not something that I am proud of and certainly a trait I wish I could do away with forever. However at a certain point we must be practical beings and learn to work with our positive and challenging personality traits.

When I was a kid I devised all sorts of elaborate strategies for getting around my natural tendency towards putting off the unpleasant. What ultimately worked for me back then was to do what I found most distasteful straight out of the gate. I would eat all of my vegetables before moving onto the mashed potatoes, or all of the healthy bits of cereal and leave the fun ones for last. If you’ve ever had a bowl of floating marshmallows from Lucky Charms you can attest to the efficacy of this technique.

Now that I am older and arguably wiser I have a much greater amount of control and choice in my daily actions. Choice can be a procrastinators worst enemy because we naturally choose to put things off anyway. The more choices we have the less likely we are to actually get work done in a timely manner. We can lock ourselves up in a jail of guilt and anticipation while we pretend we are doing something more enjoyable.

Pretending is all that it is. The truth is that when we put things off that we know we need to do we are making ourselves slaves to that task. We are taking the free will of when to do this onerous task out of our hands and putting into the hands of time. A harsher slave driver than time the world has never known.

The older I get, the more I realize the child ‘me’ had it absolutely right. The true power of doing something NOW is what frees us to enjoy everything else in life. Our minds are not pulled in two directions. We do not have this giant Sword of Damocles hovering over our head constantly reminding us that we have something that needs to be done. That distraction and stress is not fair to you, or your friends and family that want to spend time with you and not your guilt.

So go ahead and have that big bowl of marshmallows. They will taste so much better once you’ve gotten the little healthy bits out of the way first.

Grant W. Virtue

The Gift of Forgiveness

How many of you have ever had someone treat you in a way that you did not deserve? Of you, how many of you have people in your past that you have not yet been able to completely forgive for treating you in such a way?

If this was a classroom I would ask you to look around to see that almost everyone’s hands were up. If people were being completely honest with themselves you would find that the entire class would have raised hands.

Everyone, at some point or another, has been treated poorly by another person. The general hope is that eventually people will wise up and stop this sort of thing, but for the moment we must accept the fact that this is an unfortunate reality in our world.

If you have been hurt by another person there are several things that you will need to do at some point, and sooner is much better than later, in order to mitigate the effects that it has on your life. The first step is, of course, to ensure that you are safe and that you cannot be hurt by this person again.

This can be hard if the person that has caused you harm is someone very close to you or someone that you care for deeply. In those cases the best thing to do is to speak with that person, if possible, and explain to them how much they have hurt you. If they care for you as much as you care for them they will make sure that no further harm will come your way by their hands.

If they do not, then perhaps it is time to reevaluate your relationship with that person. This applies to any interpersonal relationship, whether it is family, friends, strangers, or work colleagues. You are free to associate with whom you choose regardless of how the other person may be connected to you.

The second step is to forgive that person.

Depending on your circumstances this step may sound quite difficult, or even something you are not willing to do. For some people the idea that you will not forgive them is in some way a punishment towards them. Perhaps you may feel that they deserve this punishment and you are not ready to release them.

For the most part, however, the only person you are punishing is yourself. By holding onto the blame and anger you are causing yourself psychological and spiritual distress. This stress can even manifest itself into physical ills in your body if you let it go on too long. Withholding forgiveness also prevents you from moving on with your life, even if it is in a small way. You will be forever attached to this person so long as you still hold on to anger and resentment towards them.

When you forgive someone you are not saying that what they did was okay. You are not saying that they get to hang around you anymore. You are most certainly not saying that you are willing to accept that behavior again. What you are really saying is that you will no longer allow their past actions to impact your current life. You are stating that you understand that they are a divine child of God and are subject to making the same mistakes that we all are.

You do not even have to tell the person that you are forgiving them. Heck, they may not even know that you were mad at them in the first place. This is something that is for you alone.

When you truly forgive someone, you are setting aside the burden of having to constantly remember what they did to you. It may seem now that you could never forget it, but you will eventually move past it if you allow yourself. It does not matter the circumstances of the harm that was inflicted upon you, you will only be able to grow from the experience and become stronger for it once you are no longer saddled with assigning guilt and blame.

The feeling of freedom and lightness that is described by those people who do forgive is unbelievable. It is not unheard of for people to seemingly lose a decade of aging once they have set aside their burden. Giving yourself this gift is quick, easy, painless, costs absolutely nothing and yet rewards you in untold ways.

You may not be ready to forgive today, and that is okay. Just as long as you acknowledge the fact that you will have to someday in order to move further is enough. You will be guided as to when the right time is.

Thank you for reading,

Grant Virtue

Assigning Karma to Japan

This time of year invariably brings increasing awareness to the plight of Dolphins and Whales in Japanese and International waters. By now most of you will be familiar with the recurring hunts that take place and the dramatic and heroic steps that are taken to attempt to stop this barbaric practice.
However, I have noticed one very disturbing trend that has been rearing its ugly little head lately. More and more some people are claiming that the disasters Japan has recently been subjected to is in some way a karmic response to the annual dolphin hunt. This is a dangerous line of thinking. I would like to take this opportunity to correct a few misconceptions about this mistaken belief before it is perpetuated further.

The first major issue I have with this thought is that nations, as we know them to be, are nothing more than artificial human constructs. Those lines all over the map separating “Your Land” from “My Land” exist only within the boundaries of said map.  To God, source, the divine, and the laws of Karma, we are only people. There is no Japan any more than there is a United States or a people known as Africans. There is only life.

Claiming that one landmass is going to receive a disaster because of the actions of its people is ludicrous, whether it is being spouted by a New Age guru in regards to Japan on Facebook or Pat Robinson on the 700 Club claiming Haiti’s earthquake was as a result of God’s anger. Could the reason some people are effected by disaster have more to do with the fact that humans like to settle on all available land plots? Whether the land is on a fault line, the base of a volcano, in a flood plain or the great meteorological bowling lane called Tornado Alley, people put their houses in the path of destructive forces that have been moving for eons.

That is called bad planning, not bad karma.

The second major objection I have with this theory is that killing is killing and no nation has clean hands. Karmicly speaking, why is the death of a dolphin worse than that of a chicken, a pig, a cow, or a person? Because we like them more? That really isn’t very fair. All life is sacred and should be cherished. For that matter why should we value a life that has been blessed with locomotion over that of a plant? Life could no more sustain itself on this planet without the miraculous power of plants than it could by animals.

The truth of the matter is that all life must sustain itself by the destruction of other life. I wish it were not so, but it is. The only thing we can do is try to minimize our destruction, honour the life that we take and make our lives have real meaning to protect the sacrifice that creature or plant has made to enable us to continue on.

Certainly I wish that the dolphins would continue to be safe, just the same as I wish every cow that is corralled behind an electric fence could live a free life.

I believe that God summed it up best when, in the simplest and unmistakable language possible (not to mention terrific style) he/she/it stated “Thou shalt not kill!”

Call me crazy, blind, or just a fool but I couldn’t find the asterisk in that statement that said that it only applies to humans and dolphins.

Finally, I believe that statements to effect that someone was punished by a divine power as dangerous. This leads us to believe that other people are separate from us. The statement as it stands even implies that those people are lesser than the speaker. This is a fallacy that has done humanity and the world no end of injustice in our brief time on this Earth.

We are all one people, and to paraphrase Bart Simpson, the little stupid differences between us are not match for the big stupid similarities.

So by all means, keep up the protest. It is a tragedy what is happening to the Dolphins. If you can do anything to help, I encourage you to try. However please try to keep your humanity while doing so.

The Courage to Proceed

In our daily lives we are given an abundance of things and ‘them’s’ to be afraid of. Stories are spun and passed around about the dangers of radiation, the end of the mayan calendar, inorganic food, economic turmoil and government conspiracies. This fear is sold to us for various reasons and while some of it can lead to good, much of it is simply of no use to us whatsoever.

Everyone  has natural ebbs and flows in their life, as does all of nature. Some days will be better than others, no matter who the person is or how they live their lives. On the days when things aren’t the greatest, that is when we are most susceptible to outside influences and fear-mongering. In some circumstances this can lead to a person losing all courage to take the daring risks necessary to fulfill their life purpose.

Usually this lack of momentum involves staying at an unfulfilling and ultimately meaningless job simply because it pays, or it can manifest itself in self-abuse of some sort. Whether that is drinking to excess, smoking, drugs, or physical negligence it all amounts to the same self sabotage.

Where then can these people find the courage to move forward with their life purpose, to help themselves escape the cycles of fear and begin to help other people like themselves? There are of course many answers to that question, and for everyone it may be a little different, but I believe that all answers ultimately lead towards the same goal: faith.

Faith has been shown to have a remarkable power to heal, comfort, and bring peace to troubled minds. Studies have shown that it does not so much matter who or what you have faith in, just so long as that faith is genuine. Forced spiritual practice, or just giving “lip-service” to a higher power serves no use. While most people do have personal preferences and would like to see more people agree with those preferences, everyone is free and encouraged to find what faith is true for them.

Faith gives us courage because it proves to us that we are not alone. We have someone or something stronger, wiser, and more powerful than ourselves watching out for us and giving us loving guidance. The issues of the world are no longer overwhelming. Whatever potential issues may come up from a long extinct civilization’s calendar are being well looked after by our divine source. The confidence that everything is being taken care of can give us the courage to proceed fearlessly and achieve everything that we came here to do.

My upcoming book “Courage Through Faith” discusses all of this and more. Coming soon from Virtue Press.

Daily Rumi

ImageDaily Rumi, a free Android app I made back in 2010, is now back in production after a very long hiatus. If you have had the app in the past you will find a new version in the Google Play store. Most of the work at this point has been in reconstructing the app from scratch as I lost my backups. I am working on new features for the app starting today.

The first update that I have pushed out for the app is the ability to copy the quotes from within the app so that you can e-mail them to friends. This was by far the most requested feature for this very simple app.

I have also submitted the app to the Blackberry Playbook App World as well as the Amazon App Market. With luck those should be live soon.

The app itself is very simple, but it can provide a nice inspiring boost without taking up much resources on your phone or tablet. It is, by design, not a fancy app nor is it loaded down with advertisements or expensive fees. It is my hope that everyone finds at least one of Rumi’s wonderful quotes helpful in their life and can gain something from it.

New quotes will be coming soon, with the ultimate goal of 365 total quotes. Nearly there!